A selection of not transparent papers which are clear enough to allow light to pass through. These papers are suitable for a wide selection of projects from overlays, trendy business cards to wrapping soap!
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Translucent and Onion Skin Papers

Recorder Onion Skin is a 100% premium sulphite translucent flyleaf and overlay paper. Its smooth finish and quality feel adds prestige to any publication.

Substance: 34 gsm

Gilclear is the world's finest translucent paper collection for unique design solutions. Stability and unrivalled printability are the hallmarks of Gilclear

Substance range: 64, 105, and 164 gsm
2 shades of white and Fragments, Fineline, Oxford finishes (see Gilbert Oxford in Textured Paper above)

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Clearfold is a beautifully translucent paper with incredible formation and clarity offering excellent foldability. Perfect for envelope conversion.

Substance range: 90, 113, and 135 gsm
White and marble

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