We call ourselves paper merchants, but a better description of what we do might be paper advisers. Our job is to help our customers make the right decision about the paper they need - and we know what a difficult decision that can be.
Paper Partners
Paper Resources is made up of overlapping partnerships: at its core are the two directors, Peter Gilbert and Simon Gillingham, friends, colleagues, and business partners for over twenty years.
There is the partnership between two Paper Resources and their suppliers. Also there lies a partnership between the suppliers we source from all over the world, and ourselves.
Finally, and most cherished, is the relationship between ourselves and our customers; the publishers, printers, bookbinders and designers who come to us in search of the perfect paper for their projects.
Paper Perfection
No two printing jobs are alike. Some call for smooth paper,some for textured paper. Some call for paper that is as solid cardboard, others require tracing paper.
Some of our papers are shot through with tiny fibres, some are speckled with ink, and some are embeded with delicate dried flowers and confetti. Whatever the job, we can find it, and you're sure to find the perfect match for your project.
We search the appropriate mills to to find the ideal paper for the project. Whatever the job requires, we can find it. We are often asked for a plain white paper - for us there is no such thing - we have many to choose from. Whether it's a chilren's dictionary, a history of Chateau Latour, or the annual report for Barclays Bank, we will match the perfect paper for the job.
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