Papers that are actually going somewhere! Be it interally or externally through the post or by courier. Perhaps an other name should be communication papers. Stationery papers can be watermarked, wove, laid or linen patterns.
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Stationery Papers

Blue Jean Bond - A unique family of personal and business stationery papers made exclusively from recycled 100% cotton denim scraps that used to go to landfill. Natural cotton fibres make Blue Jean Bond soft and durable as an old pair of jeans. As much of the denim colour as possible is retained, and just like your favourite jeans, colour may vary from run to run. Available in sizes and weights to meet any correspondence need, Blue Jean Bond is compatible with latest laser, inkjet and other electronic printing equipment as well as conventional printing techniques.

Substance range: 90, 104 and 243 gsm
Archival and longlife
100 % Recycled cotton
Pale Blue shade

Chadwick Bond - An economical, bright white, 25% cotton, recycled fibre range in wove. In 75 and 90g/m2, with smooth laser and toothy light cockle finishes, both laser compatible. Matching cover stock is available in the Gilbert Covers range.

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Correspond - A 25% cotton stationery range in subtle wove with four essential colours, and all except the Ultra White also available in a recycled version. The intermediate finish of this Gilbert Cotton gives laser compatibility with a toothy feel.

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Genesis - One of the most environmentally friendly paper in the industry - has just made the future brighter by introducing an enhanced palette of warm neutrals and deep earthy accent colours. Bold and versatile, Genesis' new palette inspires originality, and its smooth and vellum finishes ensure that you can depend on-press performance. For stationery systems, Genesis comes in a laser-guaranteed 90 gsm writing sheet. Its flecked colours are made from 100% de-inked post-consumer recycled fibres.

Substance range: 90 - 447 gsm
Acidfree & Archival
Recycled - 100% post-consumer
15 colours
See also Outback

Gilbert 100% see Cottons - below.

Gilcrest Is the perfect collection of writing and cover papers for those who seek quality and affordability in their smooth, linen and laid papers

3 finishes - Laid, Linen and Smooth
Substance range 90, 118, 216 and 324 gsm
5 shades of white
60% recovered/30% post-consumer

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Via Vellum, besides new colours and fibre added sheets, Vellum features improved opacity. Via Vellum has a wide range of colours and weights available and meets the Federal Executive Order for recycled papers.

Substance range: 90, 105, 118, 176, 216, 270 and 352 gsm + 243 gsm on digital rolls
30% post-consumer
3 shades of white
11 colours + 4 fibre added sheets
see Mohawk Satin for a smooth version

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Navajo's smooth surface and brilliant white shade derive from the fine pulps used to manufacture this uncoated range, which now prints like a coated paper. With substances from 90 to 352g/m2 and an un-mottled, uniform printing surface, Navajo provides the brilliant background for achieving unparalleled printing results. Special care in repro and printing is advised - please discuss projects with us.

Substance range: 90, 104, 118, 120, 176, 216, 270 & 352 gsm
Recycled - 30% post-consumer
Digital rolls - 118, 176 & 216 gsm

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NeuTech PS, is Gilbert's complete premium sulphite writing, text and cover system that combines great opacity, uniform formation, and a tech finish, allowing for crisp performance.

Substance range: 90, 118, 216 and 324 gsm
Finishes: Wove, Laid, Imaging laid
60% recovered fibre/30% post-consumer
6 shades - 3 shades of white + 2 fibre added sheets + 9 colours
For additional information see Gilbert on Papers by Brand

Mohawk Options is first paper formulated for cross-platform use. Mohawk have engineered Options to print as well on digital printers and presses as it does on offset sheet fed and web presses. However your job is running, Options offers an impressive range of premium uncoated papers with a modern, sophisticated look..

Substance range: 104, 118, 120, 176, 216, 270 & 352 gsm
3 shades of white, 4fibre added and 6 colours
Recycled - 30% post-consumer + 100% PC Smooth FSC
Options is made using Wind Power
Digital rolls - 118 & 216 gsm - True White and Bright White
For additional information see Mohawk on Papers by Brand

Oxford's subtle patented; cloth-like watermark finish offers any design a rich and timeless quality. With a style all its own. 'Oxford speaks softly with character'.

Substance range: 90, 118, 216 and 270 gsm
60% recovered fibre/30% post-consumer
14 shades - 3 shades of white + 2 fibre added sheets + 9 colours

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Neenah - The most popular stationery paper in the USA, and called Classic there, this range of stationery, text and cover papers comes in wild laid, exquisite linen, columns and sophisticated wove with an immense range of colours and weights.

Substance range:75 to 352 gsm

Passport - The rich and inspiring accent colours complement a spectrum of neutral hues. The combined effect is one that works well for annual reports, marketing brochures and other corporate materials.

Finishes: Felt & Smooth
Substance range: 75, 90,104, 118, 176, 216 and 296 gsm with Talc & Chamomile in 447 gsm
15 colours
50% recycled fibre including a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste

Via Satin - With a new, even smoother surface Satin 2.0is engineered for all the ways you print, in fact, it's laser guaranteed. It's available in a wide range of sizes, for the digital printers and offset presses. Satin 2.0's good formation, low dot gain and extra opacity make whatever you print look like a million bucks, even when you don't have a million to spend. Satin offers not only an extensive range of basis weights with new heavy weights but also a wide range of whites, including new 94 bright Radiant White.

Substance range: 90, 105, 120, 176, 270 & 352 gsm + 243 gsm on digital rolls
Recycled - 30% post-consumer
Digital rolls - 118 & 243 gsm

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Superfine - Designers who care about paper have always been passionate about Mohawk Superfine. The archival palette of white is the most beautiful, bright, and pure paper available today. Superfine is perfect for all types of business communications with weights and sizes for writing, digital applications, - incorporating sizes for both the European & US markets - all complemented by double-thick cover. Each paper in the Superfine grade line is made with Mohawk's legendary dedication to perfection and quality. It's no surprise that with all these choices, America's favourite paper just got better.

Substance range: 90, 104, 118, 148, 216, 270 & 352 gsm
Archival and longlife
Superfine Recycled - 30% post-consumer
3 shades of white


Papers made using cotton fibres which are composed of pure cellulose. Paper formerly made from rags is today made from cotton fibres.

Gilbert Cottons. The goal of success drives today's business and requires the personal touch. Gilbert Cotton's air-dried cockle finish projects an unmistakable quality and distinctive feel.

Gilbert 25% cotton
Substance range: 75 and 90 gsm with matching cover in 216 gsm
6 colours

Gilbert 100% cotton
Substance range: 75 and 90 gsm with matching cover in 216 gsm
One shade of white
For additional information see Gilbert on Papers by Brand

Neutech Cotton 25% was the first premium cotton content paper developed specifically for laser and ink-jet technologies. Its uniform formation and special "tech" finish offer the finest toner adhesion in the market place.

Substance range: 75, 90 and 105 gsm with matching cover in Neutech PS
6 colours
Also available in 100% recovered/ 30% post-consumer

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