Some suggestions of papers that can be used to wrap, cover or protect.
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Packaging Papers & boards

Outback - Tactile, dramatic and earthy. Outback engages your senses. You can't resist running your fingers along its intriguing grooves and contemplating the rugged Australian terrain that inspired its creation. An acidfree paper made with 30% post-consumer waste, Outback is surprisingly versatile. It converts beautifully into presentations folders, covers, packaging, greetings cards and decorative boxes. You can fold it. Cut it. Silkscreen on it. Stamp it. And affix labels and tip-on art. Outback's evocative colours also work well with our popular Genesis and Passport ranges, which can be combined into a bold and impressive presentation.

Substance range: 265 and 360 gsm
Recycled - minimum 30% post-consumer
5 duplex colours
Matches - Genesis & Passport

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Petals - crafted from real flowers, looks like imported handmade papers. Each Petal sheet is unique and is available in two weights 118 gsm and a matching 216 gsm cover. There are three base sheet colours - English Garden, Cornflower and Summer Medley.

Substance range: 118 and 216 gsm
3 patterns to choose from

Ultrafelt's extraordinary texture makes it a natural choice for the sophisticated corporate communications. The even-sided, genuine felt finish responds beautifully to a wide range of printing techniques.

Finish: Genuine Feltmark
Substance range: 118, 216 and 270 gsm with Talc & Chamomile in 447 gsm
5 colours
minimum 30% post-consumer

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